I don’t know why everyone insists on using the word anti-Semitism to refer to criticism of the Israeli government when the Palestinians are also Semites. However, this term has become so common, and even the Royal Spanish Academy has adopted it, that I will be forced to use it to be understood.
Nevertheless, I will now turn to anti-Semitism. I have already written an article in which I stated that in the middle of the 20th century, there was almost no anti-Semitism in Chile, especially on the left, because there were and still are many left-wing Jews. I even gave a lot of names.

Now, those of us who support the Palestinians are not promoting anti-Semitism, we are promoting rejection of the current Israeli government.
And the members of the Jewish lobby in the United States are half wrong when they talk about “anti-Semitism”, which they provoke by trying to protect Netanyahu, who is indefensible in any ethnicity or country.

So, let’s be clear: the young university students who defend the Palestinians in Gaza and other places like the West Bank are not anti-Semites, because they are simply showing solidarity with people who are victims of genocide. This is the view of South Africa in its application to the International Criminal Court (ICC). If this is anti-Semitism, the truth is that this feeling is provoked by those Jews who insist on confusing everything.

There has indeed been much anti-Semitism in the world for centuries. Let us remember that the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 and that there were several pogroms in Europe and Asia, culminating in the Nazi Holocaust. We all know that, and now things have changed a lot.

Is it anti-Semitic to defend the Palestinian people who live in Gaza or other regions of Israel? No, because not all Jews in the world participate in or approve of this massacre, many reject and criticize it.

Is solidarity with the Palestinians an attack on the State of Israel? Of course not, because it is not the entire State of Israel that is exterminating them, nor is it the entire State of Israel that is condoning it.

Is supporting the Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank an attack on any government in Israel? No, gentlemen, it is an attack on the CURRENT government of Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu (whom Biden does not call Bibi as if they were bosom buddies, although Bibi doesn’t pay the slightest attention to him because he knows he will lose the election).

This is what it is all about, making the right distinctions so that the Jews of the world do not attack us all, and so that we understand what and who we are fighting against. It is against Netanyahu, who has already been singled out by the ICC prosecutor as a criminal who should be arrested in every country in the world. And so that neither Mr Biden nor anyone else dares to threaten the prosecutor or the ICC, because if anything were to happen to the prosecutor or the judges, it would be a crime against humanity that would change everything on this planet.