“Floral Splendor VI”, an immersive journey into the captivating realm of floral artistry opened May 4, 2024 at Imahika Gallery and will grace the gallery from May 4 to May 26, 2024.


The opening reception of Floral Splendor VI gave attendees a unique chance to engage directly with the FAM artists, to gain insight into the inspirations and processes behind their captivating floral compositions.

The sixth installment of Floral Splendor by Floral Artists Manila, the exhibit is a captivating showcase of floral artistry that celebrates the beauty and diversity found within nature’s floral bounty through the eyes of passionate artists.

Founded in 2019 by visionaries Addie Cukingnan and Remy Boquiren, FAM has emerged as a beacon in the creative landscape, renowned for its dedication to the delicate yet powerful medium of flowers. At the core of FAM’s identity lies a commitment to highlighting the inherent beauty of nature through individual interpretation. Comprised entirely of female artists, each member of FAM brings her unique perspective and creative flair to the table, resulting in a mesmerizing collection of artworks that speak to the soul and ignite the imagination.

From lush and romantic compositions to bold and avant-garde expressions, FAM’s repertoire encompasses a rich spectrum of floral artistry, reflecting the diverse experiences and stylistic approaches of its members. Yet, these creations transcend mere representation, inviting viewers into a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur seamlessly. Beyond mere depiction, FAM’s creations transcend traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a realm where imagination blooms freely.

Naomi Banal_Sprouts of Hope 3
Addie Cukingnan - Purple Irises and Porcelain 2 (2023) 24x24 - oil on canvas
Julia Lopue

Through tireless innovation and bold experimentation, FAM continuously pushes the boundaries of floral artistry, constantly seeking new avenues for creative expression. Their unwavering pursuit of excellence has earned them local and international accolades, cementing FAM’s position as a trailblazer in the world of floral art.

As FAM continues to flourish and evolve, its members remain steadfast in their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, celebrating the beauty of nature, and inspiring generations to come with their enchanting floral creations. Join us at Imahica Art as we journey through Floral Splendor VI and experience the magic of FAM’s exquisite floral artworks.

Participating artists for Floral Splendor VI include Addie Cukingnan, Chie Cruz, Eileen Bondoc Escueta, Flor Baradi, Inna Naanep-Vitasa, Jinky Rayo, Jo Uygongco, Joey Dyhianto, Julia Lopue, Lydia Velasco, Mary Ann Reyes, Naomi Banal, Remy Boquiren and Sheila Luis Tiangco.

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