Legazpi, Albay– Rhymes of PEG, a community of writers and artists, is set to hold a “Poems in Print” Exhibit at Kapihan Café in Legazpi City, Albay from April 27 to May 11, 2024.
Featuring poetry pieces by local writers, the exhibit aims to celebrate poetry just in time for National Poetry Month, which occurs every April. It also aims to showcase and highlight the works of poets, regardless of their native language, and to present them together in an exhibit for many people to read and appreciate. It’s like achieving the best of both worlds when art meets poetry and combines them into one masterpiece.

“We have seen paintings displayed in exhibits. We have read poems published in books. But we haven’t yet seen an exhibit that displays poems, and that would be an artistic fusion that we want people to witness,” said Lorena Gaveria, a proud Albayano and an active member of Rhymes of PEG.

Lastly, the exhibit hopes to provide an avenue for literary arts enthusiasts to come together and strengthen the pillars of local literature. For Jessa Erandio, Rhymes of PEG’s representative, “We all have to start from somewhere and promote our advocacy to make more people appreciate poetry and art in general. We want to begin with Bicol, one of the few Philippine provinces that value art and conduct initiatives for local creatives. So, this month, our Poems in Print Exhibit is in the Bicol region.

Who knows, maybe your place is our next destination.”
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