Perhaps one of the best descriptions of the spiritual approach of the ruling system can be found in the famous book ‘The Secret’ by the Australian writer Rhonda Byrne. This work is like an extension of the previous recipe book of compilations of infallible formulas on how to have many friends, succeed in business, or seduce objects of reproductive desire. As people read less and less, even bestsellers like this one, ‘The Secret’, migrated to the cinema, giving rise to a series of videos with instructions for happiness. I remember the tears of emotion in the eyes of people who finally found an easy answer to the question they never had. The colorful tale of ‘being positive’, ‘seeing the glass as half full’, or ‘looking beyond the smallness of our problems’ has a secret: treating people like idiots.

Admirers of Mrs. Byrne’s way of thinking will surely say that with these irresponsible and insensitive remarks, I am returning the long-suffering world to its usual depressions and denying thinking its power. Then I will have to reveal the second “secret”: thought does not function as a “copy-paste”, it cannot be alien, it must be the product of its construction, otherwise it is purely inculcated dogmatism, contrary to any thought. It is not a question of denying the spirit its enormous transforming power, on the contrary, we denounce the profanation of the sacred, the spiritual FORCE of man can only be the result of the work of our consciousness and not of the repetition of phrases from a drawer, from those self-styled masters, nor is it magically granted by paying for courses that teach about success, business, conquests, and happiness.

Western logic has for centuries built a world in which religion has been used to impose itself as superior. What has that got to do with spirituality? At a time of such crisis, it becomes more apparent that their spirituality is an eclectic, superficial mix of drugs and rituals that they act upon but do not understand. The global tyranny of the market has rendered the word ‘desecration’ meaningless, for everything sacred is now part of their supermarket shelf. Demolishing a sacred hill in Mexico to make way for a supposedly progressive road is as natural as removing any other human obstacle from the same road. And to justify it, there is all the press, all the marketing, and all the Hollywood it takes, even “left-wing intellectuals” (if anyone still remembers that plague).

All religions, great and small, together with the atheistic communist faith (which behaves with the same inquisitorial faith as any other religion), have planned the ideas of collective salvation only, understanding man and his community as an interdependent structure. The wonderful concept of individual rights that emerged in the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution gave a great impulse to the development of society, but those great ideas of freedom had the opposite horizon to the flatness of the logic of the present system. It was a search for freedom that would free man from the cage of the beliefs of the time. It was a search that would open up a future for all, to grow through learning. The idea of freedom was not to deceive or manipulate others by taking advantage of their needs or their ignorance, much less to bring the whole of humanity to the brink of nuclear euthanasia by the grace of the free operators of the red button.

Spirituality is now being offered as if it were a psychological therapy in the face of an unbearable daily reality.
It only removes the symptoms, without touching the roots, which lie in our unresolved needs, which have a social and cultural background, something that none of these individualistic and showbiz “freedoms” come close to touching…
Since there is no place for spiritual power in this whole model, any notion of power becomes synonymous with violence. The screens are filled with otherworldly monsters, aliens, or monsters from “uncivilized countries”, presented by the media as their younger brothers.