What stupid arguments the defenders of the current Ecuadorian government come up with.

All tyrannies, all anti-democratic governments, make criminal accusations against their opponents. In Chile, all of us, or almost all of us, who have taken asylum have faced criminal proceedings. I had several trials in which the dictatorship accused me of everything, but this did not prevent the Panamanian embassy from granting me asylum.
The country of asylum has no reason to know, and even less to find out, whether the asylum seeker is guilty or not.
The right to asylum, the Vienna Convention that regulates diplomatic relations, is sacred and all Latin American governments and peoples respect and care for it. In particular, the Mexican people and government, whatever government it may be, are the greatest defenders of asylum. Just to go back to the 20th century, we have to remember the Spanish Republicans, the Chileans, the Argentines, the Brazilians and many others who were welcomed in Mexico with all affection and respect, who gave us work and education for our children without asking for anything in return, without caring if we were judged or condemned by the respective dictatorships.