Next July, a new NATO summit will take place in Washington DC, USA. NATO recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Peace organizations from around the world will also gather in the US capital to express their rejection of this military alliance, which has been involved in wars in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Ukraine.

Kristine Karch, coordinator of the International Network No to War – No to NATO, one of the organizers, gave the following interview:

– Who are you and how did you come to the International Network No to War, No to NATO?

My name is Kristine Karch, I am a computer scientist, active in the non-violent movement since the 1980s, later also in solidarity with Cuba and Latin America. In the 1980s we fought against the new (US) nuclear weapons that were to be deployed in Germany. I am a founding member (1996) of Ecomujer e.V. – Feminists and Environment: an Exchange between Women from Cuba, Latin America, and Germany; co-author of the German book “Vom Süden lernen – Lateinamerikas Alternativen zum Neoliberalismus”, published in 2008.

When we learned in autumn2 2008 that NATO was planning to celebrate its 60th anniversary with a double summit on both sides of the Rhine in Strasbourg, France, and Kehl, Germany, it became clear that we had to organize protests on a European/international level. All of our almost 400 member organizations from 43 countries signed our founding declaration “Stuttgart Appeal”, which is unfortunately still relevant. NATO is a war machine and belongs in the dustbin of history.

I am a founding member of the campaign “Stop Airbase Ramstein”, the largest US airbase outside the US, responsible for the US drone wars, which is the headquarters of NATO commandos and a hub for the transport of soldiers, weapons and ammunition, not only to Ukraine but also to West Asia. Since 2015, the campaign has organized peace weeks in the summer, including peace camps, public events, workshops, rallies, and civil disobedience actions. In July 2023, the campaign awarded me the Peace Prize for my commitment.

– Why does the international network No NATO, No War oppose NATO?


NATO is the largest military alliance that has ever existed. NATO’s history is drenched in blood. The military alliance and some member states have been involved in coups and supported dictatorships. They have waged wars around the world, destabilizing countries such as Algeria, Vietnam, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, resulting in millions of innocent victims and so-called ‘failed states’. In 1999, with the war against Kosovo/former Yugoslavia, NATO brought war back to Europe for the first time since 1945. This has nothing to do with democracy and participation.

China + Russia – enemy images

NATO is an aggressive military alliance that creates enemy images of Russia and China and demonizes Russia and China in particular, stigmatizing them as “systemic rivals” with recommendations that will lead to escalating confrontation. Non-military solutions without domination and aggression are unthinkable for NATO. This even applies to challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental protection.

Nuclear weapons, NPT and TPNW

The No War – No NATO network opposes NATO’s nuclear armament policy, which violates the nuclear disarmament obligations of the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), and condemns the Alliance’s disinformation campaign against the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Three NATO countries (the United States, the United Kingdom and France) possess nuclear weapons and all are working to renew them. Under nuclear exchange (prohibited by the NPT), US nuclear weapons are located in five European NATO countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey, and will now return to the UK.


Although only EU members claim to have a policy of neutrality and are not members of NATO, the report proposes deepening institutional links with the EU in military matters. Independent and complementary European defence capabilities and military action aligned with NATO objectives are welcomed as part of a burden-sharing agenda that strengthens NATO’s military power. NATO and the EU share the goal of spending 2 per cent of GDP on military purposes.


The No War-No NATO network rejects the militaristic approach to security expressed in NATO’s strategy, which will lead to a further escalation of current wars and increase the likelihood of direct military confrontation between NATO and Russia.

Our society needs disarmament, diplomacy and cooperation, investment in health care, social services and measures to prevent climate change. Only comprehensive security, with diplomatic agreements with Russia and China on disarmament, confidence-building measures and economic and political cooperation, can bring a just and lasting peace. The EU must not be reduced to an offshoot of NATO. Together with its member states, it should pursue an autonomous, non-violent and demilitarised security policy based on the principles of the Helsinki Final Act.

2% of GDP and the military-industrial complex

NATO 2030 confirms NATO as a war alliance serving the interests of the military-industrial complex, not the people. It will not deliver human security.

The International No War-No NATO Network demands that the 2% standard for military spending and the arms commitment (20% of military budgets) – undemocratically decided at the NATO summit in Wales – be abolished. Instead, resources should be used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and improve human security in general. NATO’s demand for increased military spending prevents countries from investing adequately in health, social services, and climate action. Disarmament is the key challenge.

Dismantle NATO and strengthen the UN

The No War – No NATO network will continue to press for the dismantling of NATO. It will work to strengthen the United Nations and civilian, regionally inclusive institutions in the search for competent international platforms for conflict resolution, common security, and sustainable development.

The No War – No NATO Network strongly opposes NATO 2030. By diverting attention and resources towards militarism, NATO 2030 will also make it impossible for the international community to achieve the urgent climate goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Goals for 2030.

We need global solidarity and international cooperation to solve our common challenges: the pandemic, the climate emergency, and inequality. With diplomacy, disarmament, and sustainable development through the UN system, there is no need for this anachronistic military alliance dominated by the Western hemisphere. We continue to call for the dissolution of NATO.

– Is it possible that NATO countries will become much more involved in the war in Ukraine, is this dangerous and what are the consequences?

The war in Ukraine is becoming more dangerous every day as it becomes clearer that Ukraine cannot win the war. The US is withdrawing funding and the EU wants to continue supplying, while Germany has become the biggest financier and arms supplier. Zelenski is running out of material and soldiers.

Last week, Ukraine attacked Saratov airport for the second time, but “fortunately” did not hit it, because it houses not only the nuclear-capable air force, but also nuclear missiles. If they had been hit, we would not be sitting here.

It is quite possible that NATO countries will have to become even more involved in the war than they are now. Macron talks about ground troops, and it is known that military personnel of various ranks and qualifications from France, Britain and Germany are being deployed, mainly as trainers. The clock is ticking and we need to send diplomats instead of weapons. There are plans for negotiations and this is the only way to achieve a just peace, otherwise NATO will produce the next failed state. Disarmament for development is the need of the hour. We need money for reconstruction and for social, environmental and climate protection. It is unclear how long Chancellor Scholz will maintain his refusal to supply Taurus missiles.

– It has emerged that the German military is ‘talking’ about attacking a bridge in Crimea. Is Germany at war with Russia? What are the consequences?

This is a scandal, but for me it is more the content of the leak than the leak itself. Germany is not at war with Russia, but the generals are proud of their weapons and wanted to show what they could do to get the go-ahead for the mission, but Germany’s involvement should not be visible. I wonder why there is no sign of disciplinary action. What is the real scandal that is still being covered up?

– Some argue that Europe has lost its independence from the US, which is imposing its agenda and interests. What do you think?
First of all, we should clarify whether it is the EU or Europe, because Europe is more than the EU. We should talk about the EU because these are the economically and militarily stronger countries. Meanwhile, America’s backyard has changed and the EU is America’s lapdog, to the detriment of the EU and especially Germany. The German economy is stagnating, prices, especially energy prices, are rising and so is inflation. The sanctions are a nuisance for Germany, we still consume Russian gas, but now not directly, it comes via India and costs much more. The Russian economy is growing.

– On Ukraine, why does the West prefer to continue the war instead of supporting negotiations?

I do not know, perhaps because they are in love with war and linked to the arms industry. I do not know any rational reason for continuing.

– Why does Germany support the Israeli government, which is committing real genocide in Palestine?

I cannot understand why the German government increased its arms exports to Israel tenfold after 7 October. It turns a blind eye to everything that happens because of the Holocaust. And it also refuses to acknowledge its genocide, the first genocide of the last century against the Hereros. The United States and Germany could stop this genocide if they would stop exporting arms and funding it. One of our slogans at this year’s Easter march was: “Germany finances – Israel massacres”.

Activities against NATO

The International Network No to War – No to NATO is organizing together with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, CODEPINK, DSA International Committee, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Global Women for Peace United Against NATO, International Peace Bureau, NC Peace Action, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, RootsAction. org, United National Antiwar Coalition, Veterans For Peace, Vrede, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom US, and World BEYOND War, a weekend of protest (5-7 July) against the NATO war summit in Washington DC 9-11 July. All information is available on the new website

See PDF of activities: English_The International No to War