A black canopy drizzled with stars
A blanket warm and cozy, over me

I collect all of me, into my heart
Gather stars, red flowers

Ferns and round pebbles
I build a garden inside of me

There where I live in quiet harmony
Where I collect all of me, inside my heart.


Marbles I used to play with
Fairy tales I used to love

Stories, of heroes and heroines
Tested and tried by brimstone and fire

I build a temple, a shrine
An eternal fire, divine

I collect, I collect
I collect all of me.


Pieces, prisms scattered about
A puzzle, a montage to put all together

A wondrous kaleidoscope
Shining colors and patterns

Evening passing over
Pulling a new day over me

A new tableau, a new picture show
It’s just about to begin.