Gladio (Latin for sword) was the name given to the “network of sleeper agents deployed by NATO in Italy, ready to go into action in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe”. It would be the Allied forces that would remain behind Soviet lines to facilitate the counterattack.

This network was directed by the CIA and, although the threat of a Soviet invasion had disappeared, it continued to operate in Western countries to prevent communist parties from coming to power through democratic elections and to sow chaos through the doctrine known as the “strategy of tension”.

The Gladio operation affected virtually the whole of Europe, with virulence in Italy, where it was investigated by Judge Guido Salvini, who concluded that extreme right-wing terrorist organizations such as Ordine Nuovo or Vanguardia Nazionale were “closely linked to the Italian state and the American CIA” and that “the CIA identified the targets and encouraged them to act”.

For his part, the Swiss Daniele Ganser, in his book “NATO’s Secret Armies. The Gladio Operation and Terrorism in Western Europe”, tells the story of NATO’s secret armies, created by the CIA and MI6 after the Second World War in all Western European countries.

Is Operation Gladio 2.0 underway?

The declared aim of the globalists led by Soros and the Open Society Foundation (OSF) is the implementation of the New World Order (NWO), which would involve the revival of the US role as the world’s policeman by the Brzezinski Doctrine. Thus, the Anglo-Jewish globalist axis would be preparing a war scenario that would cover practically the entire terrestrial cartography, leaving Latin America as an island in a stormy ocean.

However, the possible victory of Trump in November 2024 would mean the twilight of the Atlanticist strategy of Biden and Soros, determined to oust Putin from power, sign a peace agreement in Ukraine, and return to the doctrine of non-violent coexistence with Russia. This would mean the enthronement of the G-3 (US, Russia, and China) as “primus inter pares” in global governance and no end to the obsessive dream of the globalists led by Soros and the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to achieve the Balkanization of Russia, “the white whale that the globalists have been trying to hunt for decades”.

To prevent this, the globalists are said to have launched Operation Gladio 2.0, which consists of awakening their sleeper cells and provoking bloody attacks with great media impact in Russia and their counter-reactions in European countries, with the declared aim of provoking NATO’s involvement in an all-out conflict with Russia, which could spread by imitation to the Far East and lead to World War III.

The premiere of Operation Gladio 2.0 was reportedly the bloody attack on the Crocus concert hall in Moscow, which left nearly 140 dead and more than 150 wounded and was initially claimed by the Islamic State (IS). Putin has since admitted that the perpetrators of the bloody attack were “radical Islamists” from Tajikistan. Still, the shadow of intellectual authorship continues to hang over the CIA and Ukrainian intelligence services, and it cannot be ruled out that, given the action-reaction dynamic in which we are immersed after the Moscow attack, new attacks by the Gladio 2.0 network could be repeated in several European countries.