The organization ‘Voice of Media’ was initiated by 20 editors from Maharashtra, India. This initiative started in Maharashtra, then expanded to India, and now encompasses all countries around the globe. Over the past four years, ‘Voice of Media’ has worked for journalism and journalists. Through research, the organization identified five main areas of concern for journalists, including their well-being, health, education for their children, skill development, and post-retirement plans. Positive journalism is essential, as it forms the basis of public opinion. Journalism should serve as a thought-provoking force for the public. To achieve this, ‘Voice of Media’ has been consistently pushing boundaries.

The organization’s efforts began with Maharashtra as a case study. It addressed various issues concerning journalists in Maharashtra, such as their health, their children’s education, their homes, their skill development, and post-retirement plans. And for journalism we work on positive journalism, Press freedom, peace journalism, research and media innovation.Subsequently, similar initiatives were started in different states across India and now in many countries worldwide. Wherever problems arose, thorough research was conducted to find solutions. ‘Voice of Media’ took responsibility for addressing these problems with the help of journalists. The organization initially operated on minimal resources, but now it collaborates with various organizations and individuals to continue its work.

To ensure the sustainability of journalism and trust in it, we have implemented successful practices in India. It is crucial to maintain strong relationships with organizations and individuals who have a deep love for journalism and journalists. We must work closely with these stakeholders to move forward. Our goal is to uphold the principles of truth and objectivity in journalism. We don’t have any hidden agendas or biases. Our relationship is solely with journalism and journalists. Our bond with journalism and journalists has created a strong foundation for building lasting social structures. We invite you to participate in this global endeavor. Over the past four years, we have laid the groundwork for organizational ties and dynamic programs. In the coming three years, we aim to expand these initiatives globally. We humbly extend this invitation to you.

Divya Bhosale
(International Secreatary General,
Voice of Media)

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