The enforced disappearances of Baloch student leaders Zahid Baloch and Asad Baloch have completed ten years.

Ten years ago, on this day, Pakistani law enforcement agencies abducted the two Baloch student leaders from Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan, on 18th March 2014, in front of Karima Baloch, the former chairperson of Baloch Student organization Azad.

Zahid Baloch, who was the chairman of Baloch Student organization Azad, and Asad Baloch, who was the junior joint secretary.

After the abduction of Asad and Zahid Baloch, their families demonstrated and protested in different cities of Pakistan for the safe release of Zahid and Asad.

Unfortunately, the victims families didn’t receive any justice from any institution of Pakistan.

The Pakistani law failed to provide justice, and the Pakistani authorities, including law enforcement agencies, used different tactics to harass the victims families for raising their voices for their loved ones. Till now, their whereabouts are unknown.

In Pakistan, thousands of Baloch activists, politicians, journalists, teachers, and human rights defenders have become victims of enforced disappearances, and their whereabouts remain unknown.

The victims families have been suffering from unending pain and waiting for many years.

International human rights defenders must play their role in releasing these Baloch missing persons from Pakistani torture cells and must pressure Pakistan on the violations of international human rights.

They must impose sanctions on Pakistan for committing war crimes in Balochistan and violating international laws.