The panel discussion on March 8, 2024, addressed the pressing need for peace amidst a backdrop of complex global developments, particularly in the Nordic Region. From grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic’s multifaceted impacts to navigating geopolitical tensions stemming from events like the conflict in Ukraine and subsequent annexation of Crimea, the region faces uncertain security challenges. Notable shifts include Finland  and Sweden’s decision to join NATO, underscoring a changing geopolitical landscape. Amidst suspensions of bilateral relations with Russia and disruptions to multilateral cooperation, the importance of preventing military aggression and fostering stable peace emerges as a central theme. Recognized experts will convene to explore strategies for mitigating conflict and promoting sustainable peace, crucial not only for the Nordic Region but also for global stability.


Thomas Jonter: Professor of International Relations, Stockholm University, and Guest Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala University. Born in Sandviken, Sweden.

Nikolai Sokov: Senior Fellow, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation. Born in Moscow, Russia.

Erkki Tuomioja: Finnish politician and long-time Minister for Foreign Affairs, as well as a historian. Born in Helsinki, Finland.


Timo Nissilä: B.Sc. Social sciences, political theory. Born in Oulu, Finland.