Peace Pals is an international program designed to encourage youth, ages 5-16 to become peacemakers dedicated to living in the spirit of the words “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

Peace Pals fosters understanding and respect for the diversity and oneness of the human family and the natural world through its various and creative activities. By nurturing inner peace and global awareness in the leaders of tomorrow, Peace Pals will help create a future in which peace and harmony become a way of life.

For 26 years this peace organization has organized a painting competition for children and young people, this year in partnership with Unity Earth. Unity Earth is a global network on a mission to accelerate the realization of unity and peace on Earth.

Peace Pals International received artwork coming from 76 countries and more than 4,500 young people, creating beautiful artwork filled with love, hope for a world filled with Unity. We would like to thank our International Judges for 2023, for taking the time and voting for our winners and finalists.

We invite you to view the winners and finalists artwork with us and watch the video below.

Here are the words for this first verse of the Peace Pole Song by Sam Haan – Please sing along.
Salam (Arabic), Shalom (Hebrew), Wolakota (Native American), Shanti (Hindu), Heiwa (Japanese), Mir (Russian), Paz (Spanish), Hoa Binh (Vietnamese), Amani (Swahili).
May Peace Prevail throughout the earth.
For now and ever more.
May our children grow up, help save the earth, a world without any war.

2023 Art Contest Winners & Finalists