On International Women’s Day. As never before, urban and rural women in all the cities of the central region of the country are preparing to celebrate their day with a variety of activities, without ceasing to demand a strict awareness of the need for equality with men.

By: Nilo Calero.

On Friday 8 March, the main day, in Huancayo, capital of the department of Junín, Peru, various women’s organizations will be mobilizing to demand equality in the workplace and an end to domestic violence.

They will then offer free legal advice in public squares throughout the day. They will also take part in the various commemorative ceremonies organized by the organizers, as well as in decentralized ceremonies in institutions.

The regional body of Concertación y de Lucha contra la violencia a la mujer e Integrantes del Grupo Familiar Will develop a service fair called “Soy mi mejor Versión” (I am my best version). In this activity, they will provide comprehensive information, guidance, and attention, trying to generate and promote the well-being and security of women.

With the support of the health sector, they will offer a screening and information campaign on breast, cervical, and thyroid cancer, among others, according to officials from the Carrión Hospital.

Meanwhile, in the rural communities, in close coordination with the municipalities, they will develop activities to honor the fighters and enterprising women who work for the well-being of their children and society.

On the occasion of the recognition of the new Commander of the XXXI Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General EP Carlos Alberto Vásquez Panduro, yesterday the female personnel and civilian employees received a personal greeting from the Command.

It was a welcome initiative by the General Commander of the Fourth Army Division, Major General EP Hugo Antonio Molina, who ordered an old officer to call for the formation of female personnel and some female authorities.

The senior officers approached and personally greeted all of them on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day. This important date coincides with the celebration of Women’s Day of the Armed Forces.