The CEHA (Centre for Humanist Studies of the Americas) invites you to participate in this great adventure on The Contribution of Africa in the Beginnings of Asia. It will be given by Maali Kentake, who has studied and experienced for more than 15 years the spirituality of different native cultures from all over the planet.

An activity where readings will be synthesized starting with the book “African Presence in Early Asia” – “La Presencia Africana en Los Comienzos de Asia”-Runoko Rashidi (“African Presence in Early Asia”)

“The history of the African presence in Asia is one of the most significant, challenging, and least written about aspects of the global African experience. It covers over 90,000 years and encompasses the largest land mass on Earth. As early modern humans, as hunters and gatherers, primitive horticulturists and sophisticated farmers, kings and queens, poets and prophets, sages and scientists, servants, and slaves, Africans have known Asia intimately from the beginning. Even today, after a whole series of holocausts and calamities, the African presence in Asia exceeds two hundred million people.”

“We know, based on recent scientific studies on DNA, etc. that modern humanity originated in Africa, that Africans are the original peoples of the world, and that ultimately all modern humans can trace their ancestral roots back to Africa.

“This history is not only fascinating but also unknown. It spans more than 500,000 years, beginning with the first migrations of Homo-erectus out of Africa. Both Peking Man and Java Man were the only regional varieties of these early Afro-African hominids. Since the first modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) in Asia were born in Africa, the African presence in ancient Asia can be demonstrated through the history of the Negro populations that have inhabited the Asian landmass during modern humanity.

Negroid Africans were also at the forefront of the development of early civilizations in Asia. Hard factual evidence has confirmed this in case after case. Although the history of Negroid presence in early Asia is rare, its documentation is by no means new… There is abundant evidence to show that Negroid Africans, within documented historical periods, created or influenced some of the most important and enduring cultures of ancient Asia.”

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