With the ruling of 26 January 2024 of the World Court in the Hague processing the Genocide Case, the West finds itself increasingly isolated as over 80 countries have pledged their support to South Africa in bringing the case against Israel to the International Court of Justice.

The Palestinian conflict, a product of decisions made by the White-West, dates back to 1948 when an Israeli state was imposed and formalized in Palestine. This was perpetuated by consistent financial and military support from the E.U. and the U.S.

“The last paradox is that the tale of Palestine from the beginning until today is a simple story of colonialism and dispossession, yet the world treats it as a multifaceted and complex story—hard to understand and even harder to solve. Indeed, the story of Palestine has been told before: European settlers coming to a foreign land, settling there, and either committing genocide against or expelling the indigenous people.” ― Noam Chomsky

It is worth noting that it is much easier to give what is not yours. Instead of offering more feasible alternatives such as Luxembourg or Florida, the E.U. and the U.S. gave one of the most geopolitically and culturally challenging places in the world, displaying a pragmatic naivety and a primitive understanding of social processes.

Now, with tens of thousands of civilian Palestinians killed, orphaned children, dilapidated infrastructure (without homes, water, electricity, food), and a conflict expanding to Yemen, Iran, and the Red Sea, the situation is on the brink of an all-out, international conflict.

The White-West must take decisive action:

  1. Recognize the Genocide
  2. Redirect military aid to Israel toward humanitarian aid for Palestine and Gaza
  3. Acknowledge and enforce the two-state solution
  4. Develop a reconstruction Marshal Plan for Gaza
  5. Hold Netanyahu accountable in an International court and organize new presidential elections in Israel.

These are fundamental steps to prevent World War III and the potential collapse of the White-West. Pretending to be in a democracy while ignoring the majority’s call for a ceasefire, evident in massive protests across major cities, is unsustainable. A recent poll indicates that more than 60% of U.S. voters desire a ceasefire, while only 11% of lawmakers support an end to Israel’s war (Al Jazeera, Dec 6, 2023).

The Ukrainian war contributed to the unification of Asian countries and the Global South. Now, with the Palestinian conflict, this consolidation is spreading to the Middle East and Africa, and nothing can halt this process. The White-West has lost its so-called “moral” dominance and must learn to listen and cooperate with others.

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