After the two talks given by Philippe Moal, he will give three workshops that will take place on Saturdays 17 February, 9, and 30 March in Espacio Ronda (Madrid).

On 6 and 8 February, Philippe Moal gave two talks on “Overcoming personal and social violence”. The first took place at Espacio Ronda and the second at the Iván de Vargas Public Bookshop in Madrid.

Moal believes that human nature is nonviolent; that it is the violent system in which we live that is responsible for the internal violence and the different forms of external violence that we experience, and that the key lies in recognizing violence, where we feel it, how it affects us and how to rebel against it, while at the same time learning tools to deactivate it in our interior.

Activism for nonviolence has already taken Moal since the 1980s to countries such as France, Romania, Benin, and Chile as a member of the Humanist Movement. For the last twelve years, he has dedicated himself to studying in depth how violence and nonviolence work and to developing tools to help overcome violence. This research is reflected in his books: Consciousness, Violence, Nonviolence (2018), sponsored by UNESCO, Clues to Nonviolence (2022), and Platform for Nonviolence: The Space of Representation. He is also the founder of the Observatory of Nonviolence and a member of the Noesis Centre for Humanist Studies.

Based on these presentations, three workshops will take place on Saturdays 17 February, 9 and 30 March at Espacio Ronda, “to discover the innovative concept of the space of representation through practice”, as explained in the poster.