In a fraternal afternoon with a relaxed atmosphere, a meeting took place between members of Acción Humanista to welcome the Mayor of La Cisterna, Joel Olmos, who officially joined the party this week. The meeting was also attended by members of the National Coordination Team of Acción Humanista, including Deputy Tomás Hirsch and Congresswoman Ana María Gazmuri.

On the occasion, the Cisternino councillor expressed that: “With the comrades of Humanist Action there are several years of history in which we have worked together and we have known each other. We have always had an ideology of transforming society. In our case we are the community municipality, so we also have a very humanist ideal. And the other thing that brings us together is the possibility of building a reference point or political front of the left that is capable of disputing power and generating this transformation collectively”.

Joel Olmos has sustained a social and political trajectory that at different times has coincided with humanism. From the Juntos Podemos campaigns, different presidential campaigns, and the formation of the Frente Amplio, among others.

Today, he is a mayor who represents the ideas and practices that come from community and humanist perspectives, always in terms of the common good and good living.

Photo by Hernán Gacitúa