Brazil is severing all diplomatic relations with Israel and has decided to expel Israel’s ambassador to Brazil and recall its ambassador to Tel Aviv.

This was announced today by President Luis Ignacio Da Silva in response to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Days earlier, Lula had strongly criticized the Israeli government, comparing its actions in Gaza to the Holocaust, for which he was declared persona non grata.

In response, Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia, commented on his X account (formerly Twitter):

“I express my total solidarity with President Lula of Brazil. In Gaza there is genocide and thousands of children, women and elderly civilians are being cowardly murdered. Lula has only spoken the truth and the truth must be defended or barbarism will destroy us. The whole region must unite to stop the violence in Palestine immediately. The ruling of the International Court of Justice on Israel must be implemented and have consequences in the diplomatic relations of all the countries of the world”.

Russian President Putin’s statement on the matter was: “It is our sacred duty to help the people of Gaza. It is our duty as humanity, and it is a requirement of our faith”.

Meanwhile, South Africa has asked the UN court to declare Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories illegal.