Jubilee South/Americas expresses solidarity with the people of Argentina

Jubilee South/Americas expresses its solidarity and support to the people of Argentina, we join the rejection of the economic adjustment, as well as the reforms promoted by the newly elected president Javier Milei.

In Argentina, a process is underway that aims to further deepen the levels of deregulation of capital, dismantle the state, and advance along a line agreed with financial institutions such as the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, among others.

The dismantling of the institutions and role of the state means violating the rights of the vast majority of the population, of nature itself, widening abysmally the social gaps in a nation that has been constantly plundered in terms of financial agreements, extractive policies, the imposition of dictatorships, as well as the exsanguination implied by the payment of illegal and illegitimate debt.

We have accompanied the struggle of these people, of their history, we have learned that living memory is the seed of the struggles, that truth is the path, a truth that today is disputed with a narrative and practices of hatred and class, racial and sexist discrimination and that can only be countered with collective force, with social mobilisation, with resistance to the imposition of a policy of terror, which criminalises the people.

We agree with them, we assume that, as Latin America and the Caribbean, we write our history together, we recognise that beyond the borders that the patriarchal capitalist system imposes, there are those of us who defend our right to life, to the common good, to rebellion, to happiness.

What is urgent is not to guarantee the profits of this system, what is urgent is to guarantee the right to health, food, housing, to the defence and protection of the collective spaces that harbour life.

We join in the rejection of the payment of the debt swindle, and we make our own the demand for its investigation, the condemnation of those responsible, and the reparation of their crimes.

We make our demand “THE HOMELAND IS NOT FOR SALE”.

We do not owe, we do not pay! It is the people who are the creditors!

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