As of January 1st, 2024, the international news agency Pressenza has launched its annual month-long financial campaign.

As is well known, the organization is an open space for grassroots expression and information, operating with a nonviolent perspective and creating mutual alliances with media and social movements, participating in a wide network of international collaboration.

The aim is to disseminate local proposals for change throughout the world, giving priority to issues of Humanism, Peace, Nonviolence, Human Rights, Disarmament, and Diversity, offering a different perspective to the bleak panorama of the current hegemonic media.

This project, which is now in its 15th year, is sustained by the voluntary work of hundreds of collaborators, journalists, photographers, videographers, and programmers, among many other functions, but it also needs financial resources which, since its very foundation, are provided by those who feel called to contribute from anywhere in the world.

That is why the agency invites us to participate in its autonomous support with a contribution in January to finance the projects planned for 2024.

In addition to financing the agency’s fixed costs (coverage, distribution, communication programs, technical, legal, and accounting support, and subscriptions to correspondents’ associations, among others), this year the agency hopes to promote a new development and expansion plan, opening editorial offices in new cultural and geographical areas in their respective languages, such as the Arab world, Africa, Russia, India, and China, to become a multicultural information organization.

Immediate objectives include the translation, editing, and publication of the book “Nonviolent Journalism” in all languages in which the agency operates and in countries where it has not yet been published. The publication of the book will be accompanied by public presentations and hybrid educational seminars. An important objective is to integrate the content of this book as a course in universities on different continents that host journalism and communication studies.

It is also part of the agency’s plans for this year to expand its technology capabilities and strengthen the promotion of news in both free and commercial social networks.

Anyone who decides to participate and strengthen this collection chooses the amount they want to contribute according to their means.

The collection of financial resources expires on 31 January and the campaign only takes place once a year.

Contributions can be made by deposit to a bank account (see details), via PayPal, or by emailing the general information officers in each language, editors, or co-directors of the agency.