He has requested that the Comptroller General’s Office, the Internal Revenue Service, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Subdere be informed of the list of open cases and/or investigations in this area.

By Absalón Opazo

Deputy Tomás Hirsch (Acción Humanista) referred to the recent corruption scandals in the municipalities of Las Condes, Vitacura, and Lo Barnechea, asking the Comptroller, the Internal Revenue Service, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the Subdere, regarding the list of cases and/or open investigations in this matter.

“For years we have been denouncing the gross corruption scandals in the three richest municipalities in Chile,” the parliamentarian wrote on his account on the social network X, adding that in Las Condes the list is “almost endless”.

“Overpricing by $420 million paid by headquarters for the Cesfam; more than 8,000 false overtime hours; millionaire overpayments to the director of the Municipal Theatre; overtime of the current mayor Daniela Peñaloza herself for $20 million a year; tenders that are won by the father-in-law of the person who carries them out; a director of Purchases that colludes with the suppliers, who ‘lend’ him the latest model BMW; and the compensation of 240 million to the director of the Cultural Corporation”, Hirsch enumerated.

He then recalled that in Vitacura “former Mayor Torrealba is in custody”, and in Lo Barnechea “former Mayor Guevara was the one who devised the mechanism of theft with envelopes and other delicacies. And irregularities are amounting to billions”.

Listen to Hirsch’s speech below: