This Saturday we held the no-end session of the Nonviolent Journalism Workshop (PNV) in the Central Bookshop of the Cerrillos district (Santiago de Chile). This workshop was an abbreviated version of the international online workshop that concluded on November 25th. Both workshops are the first Spanish version and were based on the book Nonviolent Journalism, published by Pressenza.

A facilitating factor was good relations with Mayor Lorena Facuse and the director of the Cerrillos Public Bookshop, Patricia Herrera, dating back to the presentation of the book Muros que Hablan, focusing on the graffiti of the Chilean social awakening of October 2019.

Planned and executed jointly by Ricardo Rojas (who also hosts a weekly radio talk show), Iris Colil, and David Meléndez Tormen, it was attended by 7 people in total, each of whom received a diploma.

We emphasised the meaning of nonviolent community journalism, which implies the affirmation that changes in an evolutionary direction is possible through, among other things, the visibility of grassroots initiatives that are not usually covered by the mass media.

For Pressenza, both workshops (online and in person in Cerrillos) are valuable experiments to bring realities closer together, to open to new generations, and to expand our reach with new collaborators willing to build nonviolent social spaces for personal and community development.

The first step is to discover that we are not alone in this project and that, despite the rise of anti-humanist forces, many of us are organising in this direction.