Not far from Bordeaux, on the Route des Pyrénées, after Langon, more precisely in a place called La jeune France (young France), there is an extraordinary place, open to all and dedicated to peace.

It is in this park that Hervé, a peace activist, is going to organise a day on Sunday 14 April 2024 on the theme of Art and Peace. Everyone will be able to attend with a work of art dedicated to Peace. It is not necessary to be an experienced artist to participate, as everyone can create a work of art with their hands or their body: a song, a dance, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, etc.

Participation is free, so everyone can bring a work of art to exhibit during the day and, if they wish, leave it in the park.

For Hervé, “artists play an important role in our world, they change mentalities, and this in a particular direction because of the harmony that emerges from their work”.

The aim of this day on 14 April is to bring people together to move towards unity through art. In our materialistic world, art is a world apart; it is not part of our daily lives, at least not for most people. Artists bring a lot to the table because they focus on being, unlike our society, which focuses on having. That is where art can help us: to replace the society of having with the society of being. It helps us to express our feelings, which are sometimes buried in the depths of our being and are hard to reach. Art is a way of removing it.

La Prairie de la Paix is a place open to art in all its forms. Hervé has organised the space so that passers-by can stop and pause. The place is conducive to meditation. It is open to all, with works and symbols referring to religions, the universe, humanity… and even beyond: you will see a flying saucer!

And in the small hut where you can shelter from the sun or rain, depending on the season, you will of course see the sign: “Pressenza: humanism – nonviolence – human rights – disarmament – non-discrimination”.

Contact us:

  • Hervé Bibens-Laulan
  • Address: La prairie de la Paix: La prairie de la Paix La jeune France 1936 route de Camagnon 33210 Mazères