A group of activists from Antimilitaristes-MOC València paint pink and climb on a tank in protest against the militarisation of the Expojove children’s fair in Valencia.

Antimilitarist activists dressed as clowns have painted the army tank at the Expojove children’s fair in Valencia pink to “demilitarise” the event and protest against the presence of the military and other armed institutions in the area. The action was called to coincide with the presence of the municipal committee visiting the stand on the morning of Tuesday 26 December, at around one o’clock in the afternoon.

The ‘clown troop’ entered the stand of the València Military Command at the Expojove fair, this year expanded with the permission of the current municipal team, where the Centauro military combat vehicle was on display. As the municipal retinue led by the councillor for Festivities and Traditions, Mónica Gil approached to show their support for the Armed Forces, a couple of ‘clowns’ climbed onto the combat vehicle and spilled cans of pink paint, holding up posters reading “La guerra no és un joc” and “Desmilitaritzem Expojove” (Demilitarise Expojove). The rest of the activists unfurled more posters around the municipal procession.

The participants were identified and could leave the site about an hour and a half after the option. The action was carried out as part of the campaign to “demilitarise Expojove”, supported by more than 60 pacifist, trade union, and educational organisations to encourage institutions to stop inviting the armed forces to Expojove events.

Photos by Eva Mañez | El Salto diario

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