Everything comes and goes
Everything is transitory and provisional
In this temporal time and space, we all live in.


But there are some things that come
That transcends this time and space
That come from the sacred, from that which is eternal.


A presence is always there…
Absolute font of wisdom, kindness, and strength
You call and an inspiring response arises.


You ask and from far away, comes an answer
Sometimes wordless, sometimes a deep feeling
Always worth heeding, worth attending to.


All things will come and go
The seasons turn
The life stages come and go.


The cold and the hot
The light and the dark
The good times and the hard ones.


At the end of each stage
At the end of each season
Let them come, then let them go.


The temporal brings with it
That which is eternal
That which transcends.


That, which from its profound depths,
Bring the wisdom of the ages
The kindness of all good hearts…

And the strength, the inner strength
To move along this journey
Called life and the life, beyond.