The South African Parliament voted on a motion to close the Israeli Embassy in the country.
The motion was PASSED with 248 votes for and 91 against.

“Free Palestine in Parliament” slogans were chanted.

Full resolution proposed by EFF and amended by ANC:

That the House –

(1) notes the latest developments in the Israel-Palestine conflict;

(2) further notes the continuing building of settler houses in the land of Palestinian people and further land encroachment that is against numerous United Nations resolutions;

(3) realizes that the Apartheid-Israel government is in a perpetual breach of international law against annexation and, as a result, the Israeli government aggression gives rise to violent resistance;

(4) understands that the expansionist policy and further construction of settler houses in the Palestinian land is an impediment to the peaceful resolution of the century-old Israel and Palestine conflict;

(5) further understands that the annexation of Palestinian land and killing of Palestinian children is a violent act that itself promotes a violent reaction, and that land dispossession is a violent exercise that undermines the very humanity of the Palestinian people;

(6) recognises that peace in the Middle East will never prevail for as long as the land of the Palestinians is occupied, and more of the little remaining land is annexed;

(7) condemns the killing of defenseless children and women in Gaza, including the bombing of hospitals;

(calls on all freedom-loving people of the world to support the Palestinian campaign to take back their land in all of its manifestations;

(9) calls upon the government to close the Israel Embassy in South Africa and suspend all diplomatic relations with Israel until a ceasefire is agreed to by Israel and Israel commits to binding United Nations facilitated negotiations whose outcome must be a just, sustainable and lasting peace; and

(10) calls upon the government to make representations to the International Criminal Court to investigate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and key decision makers in his cabinet for violations of international criminal law and crimes against humanity.