On December 17th, 2023, the non-profit organization UBI4ALL will award a life-changing €9,600 per year (€800 per month) to a fortunate recipient, transcending borders to empower individuals with financial stability.

Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) – sometimes also called Universal Basic Income – is the simple idea that everyone has a guaranteed monthly minimum to live on. No strings attached. The fundamental decoupling of work and survival would be nothing less than a revolutionary way of ensuring human dignity.

Of course, there are many questions regarding the concrete design. However, the most important one, that of financial viability, has been successfully answered several times. Most recently by scientists from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in connection with a pilot project by the Mein Grundeinkommen association in Germany, which is supported by almost four million people.

It is precisely this model, namely the distribution of one year’s Basic Income to people drawn at random, that UBI4ALL has been pursuing at the European level to date. Now, on December 17, the first global Basic Income raffle will take place. Registration on the multilingual website is simple and free of charge. Anyone aged 16 and over can take part.

The amount of 800 euros per month has of course been chosen symbolically, as the differences in the cost of living in individual countries around the world are huge. The experiences of the winners add real everyday experiences to the theoretical debate on Basic Income. They make the Basic Income tangible.

UBI4ALL is politically independent. The NGO is financed purely by donations, 100% crowdfunding, mostly by so-called UBI Beavers who are monthly permanent donors and who automatically participate in all raffles. The current team of 6 works entirely on a voluntary basis. It is connected with many large and small Basic Income initiatives from numerous countries around the world. The great demand for the Basic Income idea, as well as the steadily increasing number of UBI Beavers, make the team optimistic that they will be able to announce the next draw very soon.

Website: www.ubi4all.org