China’s ambassador to the UN has called for promoting sustainable peace through common development at an open debate at the UN Security Council on Monday.

To achieve basic, inclusive and sustainable development is the foundation for ensuring long-term peace and stability of a country, said Zhang Jun.

Noting that most of the hotspot issues on the agenda of the Security Council occur in developing regions where poverty and unbalanced development are common features, Zhang said achieving mutual respect and common development is an effective way to maintain international peace.

“We have taken note that some countries using democracy and human rights as pretext, blatantly interfere in the internal affairs of other states and even impose governance models on others. Such practices have led to protracted unrest in some regions, as well as a surge in cross-border refugees and migrants, and ultimately backfired on the perpetrators themselves,” said Zhang.

Noting that states have different national conditions as well as historical and cultural contexts, Zhang said all countries must fully respect the right of each country to choose its own development path and support each country in choosing a governance model that accords with its national conditions.

China calls for the realization of common development, common security and the building of a friendly international community, said Zhang.

China reiterates that it will continue to support the UN and the UN Security Council in playing a leading and coordinating role in the cause of global peace and development, said the Chinese envoy.

Zhang added that China will increase resource input and inject new impetus into the relevant actions of the UN and its member states through the Global Development and South-South Cooperation Fund and the China-UN Peace and Development Fund.