15 US congress members and one senator writing to Joe Biden and lobbying him to drop extradition attempts against Julian.

In America’s fragmented political landscape, this letter brings together everyone from republican and fierce Trump supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene, libertarian senator Rand Paul, as well as leftwing Democratic firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and chair of the Democratic progressive caucus Pramila Jayapal. This sort of bi-partisan unity is rare in American politics – let alone from such diverse and powerful voices. It will make a real impression in the White House.

This letter comes barely weeks after the bipartisan delegation of Australian politicians visited Washington and lobbied on Julian’s behalf

Letter to Caroline Kennedy https://www.action.assangecampaign.org.au/

Over the coming months, we must continue to support Australian leaders who are willing to demand the US release Julian, and we must continue to put President Biden under pressure to act — at home, and abroad through his ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy.

The Assange Campaign Australia Team