The International Centre for the Advancement of Human Rights under the auspices of UNESCO launched the Directory of Organisations “Adolfo Pérez Esquivel”, which compiles, systematises and makes available to the public information on more than 1,300 civil society, academic and governmental institutions around the world committed to human rights, with the aim of creating networks of cooperation for more justice and equality for all people.

It is a project that emerged from the 3rd World Forum on Human Rights, held in Buenos Aires in March 2023. There, around a thousand organisations from the five continents met to share their experiences, will be new ideas and strengthen the work that each one carries out in their communities.

With the aim of providing continuity and at the same time expanding this meeting space, the Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Directory was created, whose name pays homage to the figure of the human rights defender and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

It is aimed at human rights organisations as well as victims and their families, so that they can find information on the issues that affect them and channels for collective struggle. It is also intended for students, researchers, journalists and government representatives, to contribute to the development of public policies with the participation of civil society.

It will be available on the Forum’s website and the CIPDH-UNESCO, and organisations can be searched for using different access criteria: name of the organisation; subject of the work; country, among others.

According to CIPDH-UNESCO, the Directory’s database will be dynamic. In a second charge stage, the directory will reach 5,000 organisations, and in turn, institutions interested in adding their contact information to the database will be able to request it by emailing