A documentary film series dedicated to the Australian journalist and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, began in Mar del Plata this Friday at the cultural centre Con la Fuerza del Mar.

By Jorge Nuñez Arzuaga

With free admission, the film “The war against journalism” by Guatemalan director Juan Passarelli was screened. This was followed by a discussion and debate with the large audience.

The film screening included the participation of journalist Jorge Nuñez Arzuaga and writer and artist Daniela Tomé, who also exhibited her paintings about the Assange cause.

The series is organised by Libertad Assange Argentina and Free Assange Wave. In Buenos Aires it began in September and continues with the presence of journalists, artists, lawyers and human rights defenders such as Teresa Parodi, Alicia Castro, Cristina Camaño, Santiago O’Donnell, Javier Romero and Martín García, among others.

It should be noted that October could be a defining month for the Australian journalist, since after seven years of asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he is being arbitrarily detained in a prison in England. He is awaiting a ruling on a request for his extradition by the US government, which accuses him of espionage.

Assange published on the web in 2010 documents proving the crimes and human rights violations committed against civilians by the US army in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jorge Nuñez Arzuaga, Poet and journalist. Member of the Centro de Estudios Humanistas Moebius, Mar del Plata (Argentina).