Unfortunately, most of the decisions that governments say they take at the global level, are only moves to entertain citizens and that we see in it that they are doing something to combat what they themselves have caused. They have designed a series of pretty dots and rainbow colors, with the intention of masking the real global decisions that are made behind the world’s back.

From the moment that the indigenous peoples have been left out of the famous Agenda, the failure is resounding. Without them, the world will not be able to recover the biodiversity of our planet.

If one reads the 17 objectives, one can immediately realize that none of them is being carried out, nor are the necessary steps being taken to achieve them; on the contrary, we are going backwards in a blatant and deceitful manner. We see it in the so-called COPs that only serve for thousands of officials to have a good time, visit countries, meet as a world fair where folklore and wines are essential at all times and no effective agreement is reached by anyone. Millions of euros in their travel expenses, private jets, numerous planes chartered for the event with the consequent pollution and all paid for by the citizens.

Deforestations continue in a shocking way, poverty increases, war conflicts escalate causing more poverty and deaths, waters continue to be polluted with pesticides used in intensive agriculture, people’s health deteriorates with a collapsing public health system, refugees fleeing from countries at war and dictatorships increase. The climate crisis is advancing unchecked and they believe that by putting pretty colors and pictures on the agenda’s objectives, they will deceive us. Thousands of children are kidnapped from their families for prostitution networks. In Mexico alone, 21,000 children disappear every year. A huge drama and if we extend it to the world, there are millions. And no one does anything about it. The denunciation made by the film director Alejandro Monterverde in his film “Sonido de libertad” (Sound of freedom), has encountered numerous financing problems. No one wanted to. A whole void telling him that he was not going to succeed. However, it has triumphed. The most important film platforms have refused to include it in their repertoires. Why?

Photography: Pedro Pozas Terrados. Drawing by an indigenous child – COP 25 of Madrid. The author of this article was appointed by the United Nations Committee on Climate Change as a Civil Society Observer.

We are very far from the reality that the 2030 Agenda has been sold to us behind the backs of the world’s societies. Pedro Baños, Colonel of the Spanish army in the reserve, has written numerous books on the strategy of states in the control of the world and geopolitics. In his latest book “La encrucijada mundial”, he devotes an entire chapter to Agenda 2030: “Entre la utopía y el maxicontrol social mundial”. This and all the other chapters in the book, which also aims to be a manual for tomorrow, are not to be missed. Among many chilling facts, she says: “A final critic from the ambit in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the Spanish journalist Laura Olías, who also points out the inconsistencies of the UN in the 2030 Agenda. The same countries that approve the SDGs block any mechanism to control tax evasion. According to Olías, it is inconsistent to establish SDGs that advocate world peace and a world without wars, while at the same time, the richest countries sell weapons to sectors involved in armed conflicts in the poorest nations”.

Photo: Pedro Pozas Terrados. Folklore of national dances in the blue zone of the COP25 in Madrid. Dancing and revelry, while the decisions were a failure. This is what many of the country officials at the COP were doing – having fun instead of solving.

We must open our eyes and know what governments are doing to our planet. We must not allow ourselves to be deceived in this macabre way and allow the agenda’s objectives to sink faster and faster into the mire of political unconsciousness. No important steps are being taken towards a better world. On the contrary, the increase in armed conflicts, including the recent one between Israel and Palestine, plunge us into a dangerous instability, in an uncertain future where a mistake could lead to a world war. A world without war?

Indigenous leaders and defenders of the environment continue to be shamelessly assassinated. Our world continues to be destroyed and natural resources depleted in a hasty manner and with no respect for anything or anyone. The UN says many good words, but countries ignore them. They are directly responsible for the climate crisis and hide behind events, summits and conferences to distract attention from their real bloodstained hands.

Citizens are restricted from entering cities with their old or diesel cars, despite having passed the ITV control where they are certified as non-polluting. Why are they forced to buy a new vehicle when they have been responsible for keeping theirs in good condition? Do they believe that all the citizens can buy a new vehicle with the great cost that they suppose, without counting the rise of the food, the light, the gas, the rents…? And the cost in natural resources that supposes a new car and on top of that the use of batteries for the electric cars that are causing the destruction of many places in search of the essential minerals? But of course, if they can continue traveling in comfortable cars and private planes that pollute much more than a diesel with its ITV passed. It is a great hypocrisy that only the big multinational car sales companies benefit from.

I am sorry that we have such a chaotic perspective and that for something that we had something beautiful for our societies and future generations, it is only a virtual illusion, a deception that is necessary to know in order to understand the truth.

Photograph: Pedro Pozas Terrados. COP 25 – Madrid

It is funny to see the pin that many politicians wear and that in the next COP 28 in Dubai (UAE), a country that has 20% of the world’s known oil reserves so far, all of them will wear it on their lapels. It is already a symbol of global institutional failure.

What can we do about it? Nothing. Only at least know the truth and not be deceived. As long as the current political system exists, we are heading towards the breakage of the compass that should mark our course. And who can change the system? They can. We find ourselves in a loop where we cannot find a reliable way out. Some would say society, but no. Unfortunately, it is too busy keeping up. Unfortunately, it is too busy keeping afloat on rising prices and all the problems that come with it. We are kept uninformed by the media and the powers that be are able to have us at bay as was done with Covid, violating people’s fundamental rights and locking us in our homes turned cages.

But hey, at least we have a very nice agenda, with wonderful goals so that closing our eyes, we can dream of our stolen future.