Dear Robert,

We are writing to you to convey the greetings, thanks and support of the activists and sympathizers of the Europe for Peace campaign.

We have followed very closely your recent speeches on the occasion of your candidacy for the US presidency and have been impressed by the disarming clarity and honesty of your analysis. We believe that the message you have delivered is very important, as it represents the continuity of an idea of peace and justice whose traces, although not very visible, are present in the history of the United States.

At a time when the risk of a new devastating world conflict is becoming ever more concrete, your words are capable of shaking consciences, moving and instilling a profound hope, also in the new generations who today are entrusted with the difficult task of preventing humanity from heading down the blind alley of self-destruction.

In your ideas we see not only a brilliant political stance, but also the manifestation of a new spirituality that is making its way into the human heart. A spirituality that promotes peace instead of confrontation, that prefers cooperation instead of competition, moving towards a sincere reconciliation between peoples.

We share your lucid denunciation of the military industrial complex that is holding the American people hostage: “Like teenagers playing World of Warcraft, these warmongers inside US leadership draw up war games and scenarios and pretend that a nuclear war is winnable…”.

“…Their belligerent strategy of maximum confrontation extends beyond Russia to China, where this same group within our government hopes to use Taiwan as a geopolitical pawn the same way they used Iraq, and Syria, and now Ukraine, to further a vain fantasy of world domination through violent confrontation.”

Under the pressures of the powerful economic-military apparatus, guided by an elite that has nothing to do with the American people, Europe too has been gradually transformed into a collection of vassal states whose rulers are left with no alternative but to uncritically accept and support NATO’s aggressive policies and all the consequences that follow.

In this concerning global situation, the election of a president who – like you – can understand these mechanisms and reverse this trend would be a major step towards peace and would give the United States international credibility and respectability.

It is clear, moreover, that the possibility of a new period of peace will be feasible only on condition that all current international actors renounce their own aims of supremacy over the rest of the world community.

We are well aware that the entire Western media apparatus is working to silence your proposals and discredit your positions, but whatever the electoral outcome, we believe that your attempt is extremely important and has a profound meaning, which goes beyond the results that will be manifested.

We believe that your candidacy could be the starting point for the birth of a great international non-violent and pacifist movement capable of uniting the differences of world views and of making people converge towards the only goal worth pursuing today: a better world without war and violence.

We hope to receive your response to this letter and to be able to start a dialogue aimed at the creation of this movement, and we wish you all the best.

With great esteem,

Friends of Europe for Peace