Here are 3 ways you can take action for basic income this week:

1. Attend Income Movement’s Quarterly State of the Movement Meeting

This Thursday 9/21 at 10am PT / 1pm ET, join us for an exciting conversation — Melody Webb from Mothers Outreach Network and Kevin Scott from Just Income will be sharing some of their experiences as pilot administrators in becoming base-building, community engagement organizers in their regions, including the hosting of educational and celebratory events and leading direct action geared towards political engagement and policy change. Register here!

2. Take Action on Social Media

There are many ways you can support this year’s Basic Income Day of Action on social media — check out a few ideas below and make sure to use the hashtags #basicincomenow and #basicincomeday2023 so we can amplify your posts!

  • Promote the I Support Basic Income Open Letter: A simple, impactful way to show your support is signing and sharing the I Support Basic Income Open Letter — this coalition-building tool will be used to urge elected officials to support cash policy, and the more signatures we have, the more powerful it will be. Sign the letter and share it on social media using this link.
  • Tell the world why you support basic income:  How would a federal basic income change your life, the lives of your family members and friends, the trajectory of your community? We want to hear from you! Use the hashtags above so we can find and amplify your posts.
  • Promote Day of Action events: This week, the 2023 Basic Income Day of Action includes more than 20 events across the country. Many of these are being led by volunteer organizers — help support them by boosting their events on social media!

3. Attend a Basic Income Day of Action Event

Grassroots activists and local organizations across the country are organizing film screenings to start conversations, change hearts and minds, and connect everyday people to the basic income movement and the concepts and history behind it. There are more than 20 events being hosted in the US and abroad this year — find an event near you.