A Living Synthesis

Victoria Nuland, who is the current Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States, is a living synthesis of everything that has gone horribly wrong with US foreign policy over the course of the last two decades. The following is a brief summary of her record from 2003 – 2023:

1-From 2003 to 2005, Nuland served as the principal deputy foreign policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, where she, along with her mentor Donald Rumsfeld, had an instrumental role in planning the US invasion of/war with Iraq.

2-From 2005 to 2008 Nuland went on to serve as the US ambassador to NATO where she led the effort to mobilize European support for NATO’s intervention in Afghanistan.

3- In 2011 Nuland became State Department spokesperson. Then in September of 2013 she was named Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs. In 2014 she oversaw the US assisted Maidan Uprising that overthrew the then democratically elected Ukrainian government. It was Nuland who suggested that the United Nations (with the US at the helm), rather than the European Union, should be the architect of a political solution in Ukraine, exclaiming “Fuck the EU!” when it was suggested that EU leaders might take issue with the candidate that she personally chose to be the next leader of Ukraine.(1) Up until the point that Nuland’s exclamation was leaked, she consistently lied about her involvement in the Maidan uprising in Ukraine, saying that she had nothing to do with it.

4- Since being appointed Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs by President Joe Biden in January of 2021, Nuland has been the principle lightening rod behind US foreign policy decision making. Nuland has been and still is the White House’s most hard lined proponent of the US’ continued involvement in and escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland’s Ideology

Like her neocon mentors Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, Victoria Nuland is ideologically unyielding in her belief that the non-Western world is made up largely of a pannier of ignorants that must be tamed and/or converted to the neoliberal way of life by any means necessary, no matter how many lies must be told to the American public and no matter how many human lives must be sacrificed in the process. (2)

For Nuland, the idea of a diplomacy that facilitates interdependence among differing systems of governance is an outdated concept. Nuland’s foreign policy strategy is to surround, contain and convert. Whenever possible these conversions of nonconforming nations are to be achieved via economic sanctions and/or by proxy wars. If not, then they are achieved via direct US invasion.

This is the real purpose of the 750 plus US military bases that currently span the globe. Nuland and her neocon cohorts’ first concern is the global expansion of the US’ military as a deterrent to any other nation’s attempt to get in the way of US global hegemony. Make no mistake, this is Nuland’s religion. To neocons like Nuland everything else is secondary, including the well-being of the American public and the risk of global nuclear destruction.(3)

By keeping the US in a state of perpetual war, a two-decade long flow of tremendous profits has been generated for the US weapons manufacturing industry, which is economically and politically intertwined with the corporate military industrial complex. This economic conglomerate of war producing forces has taken over control of the bulk of the US mainstream media’s output. It has also co-opted the US electoral process by assisting in the creation of a deregulated donor-controlled field of politicians in both major political parties.

This is the mutated version of America that has emerged over the last twenty years as a result of Victoria Nuland’s ideology. The US is now effectively less of a country than it is a global military corporation for which the vast majority of its 330 million citizens have become a nuisance who need to be increasingly censored and sidetracked by the corporate media in order that they not interfere with the government’s global mission to spread democracy.

The Most Dangerous Person on Earth Just Got Promoted Last Week

In January of 2021, over a year before the current phase of the Russia-Ukraine conflict began, a storyline started to appear in the media: “Joe Biden’s pick of Victoria Nuland means relations with Russia could get worse … (Choosing Nuland) sends perhaps the clearest message yet to Moscow that the prospects for meaningful U.S.-Russian rapprochement under a Biden administration appear exceedingly slim.”(4)

A week ago, on July 24, 2023, Joe Biden promoted Victoria Nuland again. This time to the level of Acting US Deputy Secretary, sending another clear signal to Moscow and to the rest of the world. The US, under the Biden administration’s leadership, is going to double down on its already ridiculously dangerous foreign policy procedures.

This means, for one, that the war in Ukraine, a war that Ukraine now has absolutely no chance of achieving any success in whatsoever, is going to rage on as long as Nuland, Blinken, Biden and co. can keep it going. It means the US is committed to seeing that another hundred thousand Ukrainians die (on top of the two hundred and fifty thousand plus that have already perished) in order that Nuland can somehow salvage her already completely failed pet project, which is to use Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia.(5)(6)(7)

It’s Time to Wake Up

At this point in the game, anyone who still believes in the supposed imperative of electing team Democrat or team Republican is living in a fantasy world, a corporately concocted world that has been designed to keep us ignorant and afraid. For instance, if you’re a Democrat and you don’t know how much damage people like Victoria Nuland have done to this country and to this world then you’re not doing your homework, then your thinking is being shaped by iniquitous forces outside of yourself.

We are way beyond the period where political party affiliations mattered. What we have now is a corporately controlled uniparty that serves interests that have nothing to do with the well-being of the vast majority of the human beings that populate the United States.

The longer we buy the bullshit we’re being fed by this bipartisan system the closer people like Victoria Nuland (D) and Lindsey Graham (R) get to pushing us into World War III. It’s time to wake up.