We are preoccupied. Every day we hear news about the concrete possibility of a nuclear escalation.

It is not only the frequent threats to use nuclear bombs, but also the fact that there are more and more nuclear power plants in the war territory, with great risks of accidents.

We are also concerned about the growing militarism and militarism which tries to make people believe that war is inevitable and that human lives can be sacrificed.

We are concerned and believe that the only response is to “Take Peace into our own hands“: Denounce this situation and respond to the culture of darkness and death with lights and colours.

On August 6th, the anniversary of the first atomic bombing of Hiroshima, light and colour demonstrations have been taking place all over the world for a long time: symbols of peace and non-violence are formed with candles, human chains are organised on beaches or in other places where the colours of the flags of peace shine.

We invite associations, organisations, groups and individuals to organise a small or large event on 6 August. For it to make known, even beyond one’s own city or country, the various activities that will take place, we can count on the international agency Pressenza, which supports this campaign.

Let’s tell the powerful and the warmongers that they do not have the future in their hands.

Europe for Peace

Inform us about your initiative and send us an email to redazioneitalia@pressenza.com so that, once the event has taken place, you can send us photos and a short report to the same address.