This week on Talk World Radio, we’re discussing nonviolent journalism, and a new book called Nonviolent Journalism: A Humanist Approach to Communication. Our guests are two of the authors.

A free public event will be held to debut the book in Washington DC on May 9:…

Pía Figueroa Edwards is from Chile, a former Undersecretary of State of Chile, and former environmental advisor to the Minister of Agriculture. She is Vice President of the Pangea Foundation and director of TempoConsultores. Since 2008, she has been co-director of Pressenza, international press agency.

Tony Robinson is from the UK and has been an activist for peace and nonviolence. He has been a writer, an editor and finally a co-director for Pressenza, International Press Agency, specialising in matters of peace and disarmament. In 2019, he produced the award-winning documentary film, The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons.