Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said that since “President Putin is not taking the initiative to stop [the conflict], Zelensky is not taking the initiative to stop [the conflict]. Europe and the United States continue to contribute to the continuation of the war. I think we have to sit around a table and say: ‘Enough. Let’s start talking’, because war has never brought and will never bring any benefit to humanity”.

He said he is working to form a group of leaders who “prefer to talk about peace rather than war”, in the hope of ending the war in Ukraine through diplomatic means and around the table.

The Brazilian President made the remarks from Abu Dhabi, where he is on an official visit. He said he had discussed joint mediation efforts with the United Arab Emirates and China, which he visited last week. In China, Lula also focused on rebuilding Brazil’s diplomatic relations with Beijing and agreed to expand cooperation into ambits such as trade and technology.