The Centre for Humanist Studies of Buenos Aires will celebrate its first 20 years of existence on Saturday 25th March in the Park of Studies and Reflection La Reja (Alfonsina Storni 1568, La Reja, Buenos Aires), starting at noon.

When Oscar Cevey met with Silo in Mendoza in March 2003 to evaluate the advisability of focusing on the study and formulation of an initiative towards human knowledge, he could not have imagined that he was sowing a seed that would sprout and in 20 years would form an international network of intellectuals, researchers and activists nucleated in the Centre for Humanist Studies.

On returning from that trip, he gathered together a group of friends who he knew would be interested in starting to work around these founding ideas that had to do with deepening human knowledge in all branches of knowledge where there was an interest in doing so.

Jorge Pompei, one of the participants in that founding meeting, tells us how that first CEH grew: “That first study group developed several lines of work. The first one referred to the method we were going to use for our studies and others referred to the Psychology of New Humanism, society and history. The bases of methodical work had been taught by Silo in the 1970s, so it was easy to design what was called the Dynamic Structural Method. This tool became the basis for the formation of many Study Centres that began to form in different parts of the world”.

The CEHBA is also a member of the World CHS, which periodically organises international symposia that include conferences, round tables, seminars, debates and video contributions.

The IX International Symposium of the World Centre for Humanist Studies will take place on 28, 29 and 30 April, in mixed modality, face-to-face and teleconference through the Zoom platform, with the possibility of transmitting up to three activities simultaneously.

The languages of the Symposium are Italian, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, with simultaneous, audio or written translations provided.

Among the topics to be addressed at this Symposium are health; education; economy and society; social ecology; nonviolence; human rights; disarmament; gender and feminisms; indigenous peoples and decolonisation movements; consciousness and the world; spirituality and transcendence; and communication for the 21st century.

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the Centro de Estudios Humanistas de Buenos Aires (CEHBA) invites you to join the celebration to be held at the Parque de Estudios y Reflexión La Reja on 25 March 2023.

“In the framework of the seasonal celebration, we will be sharing the afternoon with friends who accompany us on this journey,” they said in their call.