Millions of passengers have been affected today by a general public transport strike across Germany.

It is a standstill as workers across the country agreed to go on a 24-hour mega-strike.

Union leaders are demanding wage increases for workers, as the huge inflation currently being experienced in Germany is “making it impossible for them to survive”.

This is the most recent mass demonstration led by European unions as people struggle to survive the rising cost of food and energy.

In addition to rail services, almost all airports, waterways, motorways and local public transport are affected.

This mobilisation takes place in a context of growing social tensions in Germany, where strikes for wage increases have been multiplying since the beginning of the year, from schools to hospitals, including the postal service.

This “Mega-Streik” (mega-strike), as it has been dubbed by the German media, affects a country where prices have been soaring for more than a year, with inflation reaching 8.7% in February.