When it comes to things to do in Hong Kong, most people immediately think of visiting breathtaking skylines at night, sunbathing on beautiful beaches or, a daytrip to Disneyland. However, Hong Kong’s 8th edition of the HKWall street art festival currently allows people to experience another, more creative side of Hong Kong that many don’t immediately think of. From March 18th until March 26th, both local as well as international artists will be painting murals all over Hong Kong’s famously artsy Central District and allowing street art fans to visit the sites as well as experience how street art actually “happens”.

After two years of harsh Covid restrictions which made it impossible to work with international artists on site, the team around managing director Maria Wong is especially happy to welcome well-known international artists such as Innerfields from Germany, Koga One from France, Lauren YS and Jurne from the US, or Zed 1 from Italy back in town.

Street art by Jurne in Central District, Hong Kong

Street art by Jurne in Central District, Hong Kong, Credit: Cindy Leon

Besides the opportunity to experience typical street art and a refreshingly creative atmosphere around Hong Kong’s creative hub, Soho House, HKwalls is also hosting arts workshops and talks by artists around town – with special highlights including an exhibition featuring HKwalls artists – as well as a HKwalls x Chivas presents: I Rise We Rise Art battle between the artists in front of a live audience on March 26th.

For more details, check out the program here or spontaneously drop by and get inspired!