Beijing, Feb 21 (Prensa Latina) China today reiterated its call to the international community to contribute to finding a negotiated solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and insisted that the parties involved should refrain from further exacerbating the situation.

According to Foreign Minister Qin Gang, Beijing wants to support the promotion of an end to tensions, as it is preoccupied that they are escalating and getting out of control.

He reaffirmed the commitment to a political resolution to the crisis, to examine the concerns of all actors at the talks and not to add “more fuel to the fire”.

Qin also rejected accusations of alleged arms deliveries to Russia and talk suggesting a scenario for Taiwan similar to that in Ukraine.

Apart from the foreign minister’s statements, his office said in an article on Tuesday that China’s global security initiative promotes eliminating the root causes of international conflicts and calls for joint work to ensure stability, development and lasting peace on the planet.

A ministry spokesman also criticised the US and its Western allies for continuing to deliver military equipment to Ukraine, which only prolongs the conflict while they benefit financially from the arms trade.

He defended the relations between China and Russia, noting that they are based on non-confrontation and do not seek to establish alliances against third parties.