by Renz F. Guilalas


The Charity First Foundation Inc., also known as CFFI, conducted an annual event– the 2023 Sports Festival with the theme: Different colors–unite as one, after two years of being locked down due to the pandemic. The goal of this event was to give CFFI scholars a break from academics and bond with others through friendly competition with different universities and year levels. They were divided into eight (8) teams, required to make their group cheers and banners for the presentations.

Early morn, the 255 CFFI scholars warmly opened the event with a warm-up Zumba exercise. The Board of Directors, alumni, and social workers also welcomed the event to make connections and camaraderie. After the warm-up dance,  the President of CFFI, Mr. Gregorio Uy, Jr., made the opening remarks to formally start the event and encouraged each scholar to have fun and make this event memorable.

The Green Archers, Paglaum, Sinag, Black Jack, Kayumanggi, Pink Panthers, Asulites, and IncREDible presented their cheering and sportsmanship throughout the game competition. Different colors united, and loud cheering made the CFFI scholars ready to have fun that day. They also had different banners that showcased their creativity and exhibited the banners of each group’s names.

The event consisted of four (4) different games– Tug of War, Dragon Tail, Water Pong, and Rival Handkerchief. Each group had its own coach from the CFFI Alumni to facilitate, and they shared their mechanics, techniques, and motivation to make the day remarkable for everyone. The eight (8) groups were divided into four (4) strands and paired with other teams to create rivalries all throughout the game.

Green Archers versus Paglaum kicked off the game of Rival Handkerchief, and Water Pong made it by Green Archers. Tug of War and Dragon Tail, which were headed to victory by Paglaum, Green Archers and Paglaum made an equal point of two (2) for each game.

Sinag versus Black Jack started their game in the Rival Handkerchief, in which Sinag snatched one (1) point. Second, Dragon Tail, which the Black Jack made to kick off the one (1). Third, Water Pong and Tug of War easily gained points for the Sinag Team, which resulted in Sinag scoring three (3) points and Black Jack scoring one (1) point.

Kayumanggi versus Asulites began the game with Dragon Tail, Water Pong, Tug of War, and Rival Handkerchief, in which the Kayumanggi gain all the points massively. Kayumanggui got four (4) points over Asulites. IncREDible vs. Pink Panthers on set, with Tug of War and Water Pong made by IncREDible, while Dragon Tail and Rival Handkerchief gained the points for Pink Panthers. IncREDible and Pink Panthers both gained two (2) points each.


In the semi-final round, Dragon Tail had a match with four (4) teams, namely: Green Archers versus Kayumanggi. During the match, they made sure to keep the Dragon Tail secured by the head of the dragon. They make sure that no one can take it from the other. It lasted for at least ten (10) minutes because of the group’s good connections and techniques. After all, the Green Archers snatched the point with pride.

Furthermore, Black Jack versus the Pink Panthers had an easy game. Both teams had their goals, and the Pink Panthers took off the tail of the dragon over Black Jack within a short period of time. The teams that won the semi-finals of the Dragon Tail game had a match as well, the Green Archers versus the Pink Panthers, and with great effort and connections from the Pink team, they easily managed to secure the slot of the winners for the Finals.

To add more, the tug-of-war game, headed by Paglaum, Sinag, Kayumanggi, and IncREDible, had a match in the semi-finals. Each team had to use tons of force to pull the rope and get the flag to their designated camp. IncREDible easily caught the point over Sinag, while Kayumanggi snatched the slot for the finals over Paglaum. Both teams, IncREDible and Kayumanggi, had a final match to end, and Kayumanggi really had the power to take off the rope toward their camp.

After friendly games between different teams, they are called to the field for the announcement of all the winners from cheering, banners, and overall winners from the games. Everyone was happy because of the bonds and friendships that they created during the day. It could be seen in their eyes and lips how grateful they were for the opportunity to meet everyone.

For the awarding of certificates, President Gregorio Uy, Jr. and Secretary of the Board of Directors Jefferson Cheng did the honor, and each winning team had a photo opportunity with them. The winner of the best banner (Pink Panthers) made it because of their creativity as a group. The winner of best in cheering (Asulites) made it because they were extra in performing their cheering opening the sports festival in 2023. Both teams had their certificates and photo opportunities on stage, and each CFFI scholar was happy with the results. Indeed, it is a great effort, one that will flourish after all…Specially, for the winners of all games, for the third placer (Incredible), the second placer (Pink Panthers), and the champion of Sports Festival 2023–KAYUMANGGI.

Surely the skin color of Filipinos is Kayumanggi, tan, a true winner. The home of the champions because of their efforts and perseverance in all hardships. Overall, they also had their certificates and photo opportunities.

Before the 2023 sports festival 2023, all the scholars, board of directors, alumni, and social workers had an aerial shot for posterity and enjoyed lunch. All participants of this CFFI event expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Lemuel Gardose for hosting the event and to all the CFFI Board of Trustees: Chairman Mr. Richard Alviar, President Gregorio Uy, Jr., Vice President Ms. Merle Pimentel, Secretary Mr. Jefferson Cheng, Treasurer Ms. Rosa So, and the Executive Director Mr. Kondrad Chua.

Winning is not just about winning games over others; it is also about accepting that you lose and being happy with the victory of others. Learn to clap for others’ victories, for you are the next winner in life.

About the Author:

Renz F. Guilalas is a third-year BSED EN student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines—San Juan. He is the auditor of the Young Educators Society for the years 2022–2023 and a scholar of Charity First Foundation Inc. for the years 2021–present. He is fond of lending his ears to listen and sharing motivational words with others, as he envisions that change starts with oneself.