A new version of China’s Law on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests came into force this January 1.

The revised law stipulates that the state shall take necessary measures to promote gender equality, eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and prohibit the exclusion or restriction of women’s legitimate rights and interests, reports CGTN news portal.

Among the most important points of the law, it stipulates that all levels and all departments of government must optimize job security measures for women, prevent and remedy gender discrimination and create a neutral work and business environment.

At the same time, the law mandates to include the supervision of gender non-discrimination in hiring, admission, promotion and dismissal within the framework of labor law.

No less important is the implementation of a maternity insurance system, the establishment and improvement of maternity-related security systems, including childcare services for infants and young children, and the optimization of the maternity leave system.

To ensure that women enjoy the same rights as men to property, the law stipulates that the rights and interests of women in rural collective economic organizations will not be infringed upon because they are single, married, divorced, widowed or do not have men in their households.

The law strengthens the protection of women’s personal security. It specifies the responsibilities of governments and departments of public security, civil affairs, human resources and social security and health at all levels against abduction, trafficking and kidnapping of women, as well as other acts that violate women’s rights and interests.

Those who fail to report these crimes properly will have to be held accountable, according to the new law.

The revision has emphasized attention to women living in disadvantaged conditions, including providing impoverished, elderly or disabled women with assistance, employment support, entrepreneurship and other services.

Analysts believe that several measures in the newly revised law will also encourage the building of a family-friendly society.

“The revised law has further improved the protection of women’s rights. For example, it clearly defines that a woman’s will must be respected when giving birth, which means that if a woman wants a cesarean section, no one has the right to interfere,” Chen Qingsheng, a lawyer with the Guangdong Dingsui law firm, told CGTN.

Based on information provided by CGTN and Xinhua.