Representatives of major U.S. peace organizations announced today that more than 1,000 Americans who opposed the U.S. wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq have signed a statement expressing solidarity and support with Russians who are opposing the Ukraine War both within Russia or who have fled Russia. The statement is being shared by Russian and Ukrainian partners who have translated the statement.

Speaking for the statement organizers, Terry Provance of the United Church of Christ said “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February and its conscription decree announced in September have created a massive, domestic anti-war movement spawning regular protest demonstrations and over 500,000 draft resisters leaving the country. These heroic acts have led to brutal repression, detention, injuries and deaths in addition to unknown futures for those who departed in order to avoid participation in Russia’s immoral, inhumane and illegal war against Ukrainian.”

Joseph Gerson of the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security added “People around the world have watched with awe and admiration the commitments and risks Russian people are currently taking. As such, those of us in the United States who have resisted and protested US wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have come together to pledge our support and solidarity with peace activists across Russia and resisters who have fled due to their conscientious objection to war”.

People are still encouraged to sign and share with others The Statement which reads as follow

We affirm our support for and solidarity with Russians who, despite the risk of harsh consequences, peacefully oppose and resist their government’s military conscription and illegal, inhumane war of aggression in Ukraine.

We urge an end to the war and negotiations leading to a just peace including respect for Ukrainian sovereignty as a neutral state.

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