The leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Xi Jinping, opening the 20th Party Congress in Beijing, called for a relentless fight against corruption, bureaucracy and formalism until they are uprooted.

He called corruption “the biggest tumour, malignant and damaging to the vitality and combativeness” of the CCP, and vowed to firmly punish misdeeds in the political and commercial ambits. “As long as there is fertile ground and conditions conducive to its germination, we will not stop for a single second in this struggle (…) we will persist in pushing forward in its entirety so that no one dares, can or will attempt to corrupt,” he said.

According to Xi, the CCP will deepen both palliative and root-and-branch treatment, promote state anti-corruption legislation and enhance the formation among cadres of the culture of honesty, providing clean service.

During investigations, they will prosecute both bribe-takers and bribe-takers, family members, and people in the working circle, but will also join forces with international agencies in cases of leaks and asset recovery.

In fact, the CCP launched a campaign in 2012 that has allowed it to condemn more than five million members in central and lower-level public administration positions for malpractice.

The initiative is applied from the grassroots to build clean politics, eliminate formalism, bureaucracy, extravagance and hedonism in state institutions.

It also helped to work with the international community to catch thousands of fugitives from justice abroad linked to crimes of embezzlement of state assets.