A totally unprecedented revolt that stands out from all the previous ones because it was women who took the initiative to defend their right to choose their clothes and the systematic inequalities between the sexes prescribed and applied by the regime to deprive women of “freedom” and “right to life ” which, according to Article II of the 1973 United Nations Convention on Apartheid, are considered “the crime of apartheid”.

The 1979 Islamic Revolution established an authoritarian Islamic republic that implemented inhuman policies and practices of racial segregation and discrimination similar to those practiced in South Africa under the former brutal apartheid regime.

The revolt is still continuing in Iran after the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman beaten by the “police” in Tehran on September 13, arrested for “wearing inappropriate clothes” and not respecting the strict code women’s clothing in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And the answer resounds in almost all the provinces of Iran, from Tehran to Alborz, from Kurdistan to Balochistan, from Mazanderan to Golestan, in the capital as well as in dozens of cities large and small, from Saqqez to Karaj, from Racht to Yazd, from Quds to Isfahan, from Hashtgerd to Ghazvin, from Marivan to Boukan, from Ghaleh Assan to Zahedan and to Mamassani, etc. including in “holy” cities like Mashhad, where current President Ebrahim Raisi is from.

Defying the 1983 law forcing women to wear the veil, female students, and citizens of all ages, throughout the territory, took to the streets, shouted slogans – in particular “Woman, life, freedom”, removed and burned headscarves and chadors, and without protection, confronted the forces of repression ordered to fire live ammunition. These same forces seem, without qualms, to retaliate against people who have fought for freedom throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, brutally subjugated by an antilibertarian theocracy religion.

The ideological danger of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran which has prevented the emergence of free political parties has resulted in the closure of the political game to all those who defend ideas outside the Islamist field.

Similarly, freedom of the press is highly regulated and the very notion of “Human Rights”, as defined by the United Nations, is rejected by the state in the name of the fight against Western imperialism. This is replaced by the concept of “Islamic human rights”, a religious ideology with a holistic interpretation of Islam whose ultimate goal is the conquest of the world by all means.