As part of the 24hAssange campaign, yesterday, Saturday, the film Hacking Justice, by directors Clara López Rubio and Juan Pancorbo, was screened in Barcelona. The film was premiered for the first time in Spain. The screening took place at the Teatre Gaudí and the activity was organised by the Spain4assange collective.

This film is an updated version of the one presented in 2017 and follows the Assange case over the last decade. True to the Cypherpunk collective’s principle of “privacy for the weak, transparency for the powerful”, Julian Assange created WikiLeaks in 2006, an encrypted publishing tool that has leaked millions of secret documents. These documents reveal the corruption inherent in large multinationals and the irregular practices, including espionage, propaganda, assassinations and torture, of some states.

The documents leaked to WikiLeaks in 2010 by former US military analyst Chelsea Manning are the most important revelations in the history of war crimes. From that moment on, Assange became a target to be eliminated. Following the WikiLeaks founder’s step-by-step defence, coordinated by Baltasar Garzón, the filmmakers weave over almost ten years the story of an unprecedented case, with profound political implications for democracy and freedom of information.