The campaign “Let’s Organise Peace and Active Nonviolence Now! in the Ihuanco Park of Study and Reflection” culminated this Sunday, October 23rd, with various activities carrying a message of peace and action against all types of violence: physical, economic, racial, religious, psychological, sexual, moral and against nature.

The campaign, organised by World without Wars and without Violence – Peru, started on the 4th of May (Day of the Harangue, created by Mario Rodríguez Cobos (Silo) to overcome violence and internal suffering) and developed various activities such as work tables, walks through various districts of Metropolitan Lima, awareness campaigns against violence, against corruption, and closed its cycle on Sunday 23rd of May with a festive caravan and march through the Cerro Azul beach resort (with the active participation of the neighbours), culminating with a ceremony in the Ihuanco Park of Study and Reflection.

The organisers of World without War and without Violence – Peru invited various organisations that actively participated in the different dates to “get active”: Pax Ahimsa, the Nonviolent Cities project, the Callao Dignity Front, the New Civilisation Centre for Humanist Studies, Silo’s Message, the Community for Development, the Humanist Pedagogical Current (COPEHU), the international news agency Pressenza and independent activists for active nonviolence.

The campaign “Let’s Organise Peace and Active Nonviolence Now! in the Ihuanco Park of Study and Reflection” ended with a hopeful chant of a child repeating a single phrase of the marchers… No violence! No violence! And a song by urban artist Hairo, who composed these couplets especially for the campaign:

“The world in silence.

Raise your voice against violence

Don’t be silent

this life has just begun.

It’s normal that you don’t realise what’s going on

because we see violence at home and in the street.

Turn on the TV and see what happens

Nowadays everything is reflected on TV:

Presidents declare war without being right,

they don’t measure the pain, they don’t measure the consequences,

today they can destroy the world at the hands of science.

If they would declare themselves to help the homeless, there would be more smiles and fewer bombs.

there would be more smiles and fewer nuclear bombs.

To change the world, one must start

and every situation to demonstrate,

by omitting the blows, by invoking reason

our voices are louder than repression”.

World without Wars and without violence and the participating organisations will continue in the struggle…